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NAI Cummins Client Survey

In today's competitive environment, quality of service is a defining factor in the brokerage business. Our company was built on the firm conviction that our client's needs come first and foremost. In order to continue offering the highest level of service possible, we need your feedback on how your transaction went and how well we are serving you, our client. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below and tell us what you think of our company and how we served your unique requirements.

Please rate your transaction.
4. Overall economic result achieved: *This question is required.
5. Satisfaction with results:
6. Time taken to explain process and issues:
7. Overall communication quality:
8. The property/marketing materials information presented were:
9. Our marketing process was:
Please rate your agent's services.
10. Easy to reach by phone, fax and email:
11. What was the overall attitude of your representative?
12. Negotiation skills?
13. Communication skills?
14. Presentation skills?
15. Attention to detail:
16. Probability that you would use your agent again:
Please rate our company's services:
17. Probability that you would refer/recommend us to others:
18. Overall service result:
19. Would you be interested in any of the following services? (Check all that apply)
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