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2022 Call for Proposal: CCOE Mental and Behavioral Health Symposium

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to present at a session for our upcoming symposium!

6th Annual Mental and Behavioral Health Symposium:

Rebuilding, Renewing, Reconnecting

We are caregivers. Teachers, counselors, and related service providers are at greater risk for elevated levels of stress and related negative mental health outcomes such as depression and anxiety due to the care we provide daily to people with learning and behavioral challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns exacerbated these stressors for education and related personnel and have led many to choose to leave their profession to protect their health and well-being. While we have known for many years that burnout has plagued the education and helping professions, with special education teachers being particularly at-risk, it is thought that social support and self-efficacy can reduce the likelihood of burnout. However, during the pandemic, most of us experienced reductions in access to meaningful social interactions, and educators and practitioners were left to learn how to use novel technologies to engage students and clients with little support from others. 

If there was ever a time to come together and focus on our well-being, it is now! While much attention has deservedly been given to ways to best support students and clients in the reintegration to school and community life, little has been given to the coping needs of their caregivers, educators, and practitioners. The theme of this year’s Charter College of Education Mental and Behavioral Health Symposium is, “Rebuilding, Renewing, Reconnecting” and will focus on providing ourselves with care and community so that we can continue to provide care and support for the people we serve. The intended audience for this conference is counselors, educators, students, and professionals in the areas of special education and mental and behavioral health. We invite submissions for proposed posters, symposiums, and workshops from those working and practicing in the interdisciplinary fields of counseling, education, psychology, and rehabilitation. 


Virtual Poster (250 words max)

Virtual poster presentations can be research, conceptual, or practitioner-based relevant to wellness within interdisciplinary fields of counseling, education, psychology, and rehabilitation. 

Symposium (500 words max)

A symposium is a cohesive cluster of research presentations, theoretical perspectives, or panel focused on a specific topic. It emphasizes conceptual issues and an integration of findings with representation from multiple presenters (3-4). Symposium proposals must include a description of the theme of the symposium accompanied by a short description of each of the individual presentations. The symposium should include a Chair and/or Discussant to provide a short introduction and facilitate discussion of the common themes between the presentations. Each presenter will present their research for 15-20 minutes while allowing the remaining time for the Chair/Discussant to provide an overview. The total allotted time to a session is 50 minutes.

Round Table Discussions (250 words max)

Round table discussion is intended as a forum for a discussion of overarching questions/issues, not for the presentation of specific research findings. The round table is an engaging conversation among three or four scholars/practitioners and the audience about ideas, methods, or professional- and research-related experiences. A round table must have representation from multiple fields, areas, or studies. A central question or theme should serve as a focus for the round table. The broader purpose of a round table is to encourage networking and/or collaboration among individuals or groups who may benefit from shared experiences or from hearing different views on a topic. A round table discussion may include a few brief orienting PowerPoint slides and a question to promote active discussion. The total time allotted to a session is 50 minutes.

Workshops (250 words max)

Workshops provide the audience with information about evidence-based practices and will also provide specific techniques and strategies that participants will be able to use at the end of the session. Workshops can include hands-on experiences, creative projects, or best practices for participants. Electronic handouts are encouraged. The total allotted time to a session is 50 minutes.