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WHC Renegades White 13U - Tournament & Fundraising Survey

This is a confidential survey to the parents of the WHC Renegades White 13U team for the summer tournament and fundraising. Individual responses will only be seen by Coach Joe.

Tournament Preferences and Availability

We are looking to put together a summer tournament experience for the team.  I will do my very best to accommodate as many schedules and family's wishes as we can.  With 10 families,  we may not be able to achieve a perfect consensus that works for everyone. The majority opinion will prevail, and I will communicate clearly on the decisions made and the rationale behind them.  In the event that a player or players are unable to attend, any fundraising proceeds will be returned to them to off-set their season's expenses.
2. Are you interested in participating in a Summer Destination Tournament? *This question is required.
3. Duration - From a duration perspective are you willing to stay overnight for a period of days? (Please select the longest time period you can attend) *This question is required.
4. Travel - From a travel perspective are you willing to drive or fly to that destination? (Please select all that apply) *This question is required.
5. Destination - From a destination perspective, please indicate all of the destinations that are appealing to you. *This question is required.

I will do my best to slot tournaments at the front end of the summer.  I am inquiring about your availability in June, July and early August, just to get the widest range of possibilities. For reference, MABA does not typically end till the last week in June or the first week in July.
6. Dates - From a scheduling perspective, please indicate the weeks you are available. *This question is required.

We are fortunate to live in a relatively affluent area, with lots of personal blessings.  It is also understood that many of us could or may want to "just cut a check." 

Especially in an area like ours, I believe that the boys should earn some of what they receive.  It can be a valuable life lesson when a team bonds together in an effort to achieve a goal.

That being said, I understand that personal schedules are full and both time & energy are at a premium. 

The Goal

The goal is to raise enough money to pay for the tournament and any agreed upon tournament team expenses, such as swag, or activities.  After that, the money will be divided back to the families as a refund of baseball dues.

This will allow the players to invest some time to sell tickets as a team and utilize outside dollars as opposed to family money.

The summer tournament is likely to run $500 - $600 per player.

Last year with Peggy & Mike's fundraising organizing, Lakeshore was able to completely pay for their summer tournament.

The Net Investment of Time & Proceeds

The net investment of time should not be that much more than last year. Last year, we had 2 weekends of leaf raking, a printed calendar and the football pool.  This netted us a little less than $2,000.  ($600+/- leaf raking, $310 calendars, $1,200 football pool.)

This year, the raffle tickets could raise $2,500 – $7,000 (if most of the ticket are sold) and the bull roast $4,000 - $6,000. If so, the tournament would be completely paid for and extra monies would be returned to the families.

If a family chooses not to participate in the fundraising activities and just cut a check for the minimum number of tickets, they can do so secure in the knowledge that the money is coming back to them in the form of a free tournament and/or refund of their dues.

January Raffle Ticket Sales 

We have the opportunity to raise over $8,000 if we sell all of the 1,000 tickets at $10 a piece.  That being said, we make money at any level of sales.  Peggy has setup 3 in person Sell Dates, where the boys can show up in uniforms for a few hours and sell to the general public.  The individual players that sell at those events will be credited with the sales made at those events.  For example if Zach goes to the library (sale date) and sells 10 tickets, he will be credited with $100 in fundraising. 
7. Tickets - What is the preferred minimum number of tickets your family be willing to guarantee, or purchase? *This question is required.
Bull Roast on February 25th

The Bull Roast is a great time for the team, friends and family to get together for an fun evening of wine, beer, oysters, and pit beef.  There will be a DJ playing music, funny guys shucking oysters , a Liquor Wheel (100 bottles,) 50/50 raffles, and a silent auction.

Please keep in mind that a Bull Roast is more than just fundraising, it is a good time.

If agreed upon, each player will be responsible for a set number of tickets.  The tickets are likely to be $45 and the general idea is for each family to be responsible for a table of 10 (but the final number is not decided.)

Personally, I am likely to buy my table and invite 5 of my close friends and family to enjoy a great night.  I plan on sending out an email for them to reserve the date in advance, and enjoy an evening with the Renegades.  They will naturally have fun, drink, eat and drop money into the 50/50 raffle, the liquor wheel or the silent auction.

The more tickets we sell, the more we make over our fixed costs of the hall, DJ, bartender, food and beverages.

The Investment of Time

The investment of time for each family is fairly limited.  Outside of initial ticket sales, families will be expected to work the event, contribute a bottle or two of wine/liquor to the wheel, and potentially help solicit donations for the silent auction items.
8. Tickets - What is the preferred minimum number of tickets your family be willing to guarantee, or purchase? *This question is required.
Including the Elkridge Hurricanes 15U team in the Bull Roast

As many of you know, I also assistant coach Payton's 15U team, the Elkridge Hurricanes.

His team is head coached by Anthony McMillan, a wonderful man.  The parents are equally enjoyable, like to have a good time and a pretty darn funny.

Like us, they are looking for ways to fund raise for their summer tournament as well.

Depending on the Renegade's response, we have an opportunity to include the Elkridge Hurricanes 15U team in the Bull Roast.  In doing so, we are able to have more tickets sold, and the net proceeds go up as the fixed costs of the event are shared across a greater pool of tickets.

Including the other team also means there are more people to work the event, contribute to the liquor wheel and obtain silent auction items.  This means less work for us, and a higher chance the event will be an overwhelming success.

The proceeds from the event will be split in proportion to the tickets sold by each team, with a weighting toward the Renegades for organizing the event.
9. Would you be open to inviting a second team to participate in the Bull Roast? *This question is required.
Thank you for your support of our team!

I want to thank you in advance for your support of our team.  We have a wonderful thing going here, with great players and great families.  

What seems like a very busy time in our lives will soon be over.  In a few short years, when our kids are off to college, we will miss the times we got a chance to watch our players grow and develop as young men.  

It is my pleasure to play a role in this important time in the boy's lives.  Thank you, Coach Joe.