CAST Professional Learning's 3rd Annual UDL Symposium - UDL for Social Justice: Using Universal Design for Learning to Educate Underserved Learners

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Registration Instructions
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Pricing Information
The cost of the Symposium is $795 per person and includes all materials and daily buffet breakfast and refreshment breaks. A 10% discount is offered to teams of three or more people from the same institution who register together. 

Payment Information
Credit Card - If you wish to pay by credit card, note that at the end of this application you will be redirected to our PayPal Credit Card Payment page where you will be asked to provide your credit card information.  If registering as part of a team of 3 or more and choosing the credit card option, your credit card will be refunded the 10% discount once each member of the team has submitted their registration form and payment.  If using the same credit card for each registrant, the credit card can be refunded for each payment instance, or a lump sum refund can be applied.

Purchase Order - If you are going to be paying for this registration via purchase order, please note that you will be asked to upload the purchase order with this application.  Please make PO out to: CAST Professional Learning, 40 Harvard Mills Square, Suite 3, Wakefield, MA  01880-3233. Our phone number is 781-245-2212 and our federal tax ID number is 22-2746879.

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