2017 State of the Industry Sustainability Benchmarking Survey

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Thank you for agreeing to participate in the 2017 Biennial State of the Industry Sustainability Benchmarking Survey. This is the third iteration of this benchmarking survey and the results help to secure sustainability support for our industry.

It should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey.

If you need to stop at anytime you may save your answers and return the questionnaire at a later time. 

Please note that this survey focuses specifically on facility-level results. The survey should be completed by the individual(s) who are most familiar with their facility’s strategy, policies, processes, and performance related to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.  The ideal person to respond to this survey will vary among facilities (e.g., Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager, Plant Manager, executive level Sustainability Champion, etc.).  For sections in this survey that address business areas that you are less familiar with, we recommend that you collaborate with other members of your team to answer the questions.

The following is an overview of the types of questions that you will be answering:

Section 1: Business Context
Section 2: Strategic Governance
Section 3: Environmental Performance
Section 4: Economic Performance
Section 5: Social Performance
Section 6: Overall Sustainability Performance
Section 7: Expected Investment in Sustainability Efforts
Section 8: Drivers and Challenges 

Responses will be collected and analyzed in aggregate form only; individual answers will be not be reported and will be held in strictest confidence.


During this project, personal data will be contained on a computer to which only the principal researchers will have access. The computer will be password protected. In addition, any individual folders/files containing personal data will have password protection. Use and retention of the name and contact data will be limited to following up with participants when permission is granted. This information will not be disclosed to anyone, in any form. Results of the completed survey will only be disclosed and reported in aggregate form. These measures are expected to ensure confidentiality and protection on all private and personal information.