Personality traits and Malingering behaviour

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Participant information sheet

Personality Traits and Malingering Behaviour

The following research explores personality traits as mediators of malingering behaviour. We are interested in personality traits which may affect an individual’s behaviour when making a personal injury claim following a road traffic accident.  We will also ask questions regarding your opinion of a person’s behaviour when making a personal injury claim following a road traffic accident. All results are completely anonymous and so please do not indicate your name.  You are only being asked general questions.

You will be asked to complete several short questionnaires. They include topics on:
  • Psychopathic traits
  • Narcissistic traits
  • Machiavellianism traits
  • Honesty personality traits
  • How a person makes choices
  • The seriousness of a described crime
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE PART IN THIS RESEARCH. This is an online survey; answers will be kept as you proceed.  However, any questionnaire that is not more than 50% completed will be discarded.  As the questionnaires are ANONYMOUS it will be impossible to identify your data.  Your data cannot therefore be removed. Please be aware that only group results will be reported.

The questionnaires will take roughly 20 minutes to complete.  By completing and submitting the questionnaires you are giving your consent to take part in the research.  Please allow sufficient time to complete the questionnaire in one sitting as if you close the browser there is no option to resume later and you will lose your previous answers.

Following the completion of the study we will keep your anonymous answers to use for future research, including presentations and publications. This may include sharing these answers with others doing similar research but only if we approve their request to access it; it will not be given out without this approval. You will not be identified from this, and your answers will remain anonymous.

This study is for an MSc in Forensic Psychology.  It has ethical approval from the University of Central Lancashire where I am based.  This research is contacted by Jennifer Hayhurst ( along with my supervisor, Dr. Carol A. Ireland ( You are free to contact either myself or my supervisor to assist with questions over this research. For the sake of your anonymity when sending an email, you can create a temporary email that DOES NOT include any detail from which you can be identified.

If you have any concerns about the research that you wish to raise with someone independent of the research team, you can with the University Officer for Ethics (

We are not expecting this research to distress you but if you would like to discuss any of the information or questions raised in this survey, remember there are specialist support services that can help:

The Samaritans
116 123

Sane Line
0300 304 7000