UC Santa Cruz Scotts Valley Center Vanpool Survey

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Based on a preliminary transportation survey conducted last spring, TAPS has determined that there is sufficient interest to potentially create new commuter vanpools to the Scotts Valley Center (SVC). We are surveying again to obtain additional information needed to design the specific routes and schedules.

These new vanpools are intended for staff employees who:
- commute on a regular basis
- have a consistent work schedule
- anticipate using the vanpool a minimum of three days per week
- agree to pay the monthly fee via payroll deduction 

These new vanpool routes are designed to serve only the Scotts Valley Center. Pricing will be consistent with existing routes serving the main campus; rates are listed at http://taps.ucsc.edu/commute-options/vanpools/vanpool-schedules.html. (Commuter vanpools that currently serve the main campus by passing through Scotts Valley will not serve the SVC.)

UCSC commuter vanpools are operated by members of each vanpool willing to serve as primary and back-up drivers. Drivers enjoy a number of benefits, including discounted fares; more information is available at http://taps.ucsc.edu/commute-options/vanpools/vanpool-driver.html. 

If you are interested in potentially joining one of these new vanpools, please complete the following survey no later than Friday, December 16th. We hope to have route and schedule details available in January 2017.