The Memphis Challenge 9/10 Movement Application 2017-2018

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The 9/10 Movement: Maximizing Student Potential
The Memphis Challenge Program 
Founded in 1989 by J.R. ‘Pitt’ Hyde, The Memphis Challenge coaches talented, high achieving students of color (African American, Latino/a, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American), through leadership and professional development, preparing them to become future Memphis leaders.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Memphis Challenge program is that it consistently searches for methods and ways to insure students are staying ahead of a constantly evolving and competitive academic and professional market.

As a part of our ongoing evaluation, we identify the needs our students have and seek resources to meet those needs as it relates to our mission of “Inspiring and Developing Future Memphis Leaders.” 

The 9/10 Movement
The goal of the 9/10 program is to expose students to the skills and knowledge needed to perform at a high level of academic and community leadership. The Memphis Challenge has designed an earlier talent identification and development program that provides enrichment activities for ninth and tenth graders. Students who successfully complete the 9/10 program will apply to the Memphis Challenge and become a part of the larger applicant pool of juniors.

Our goal is to create students who are able to maximize their potential and compete in the national and global community. In fact, several students who participated in MC test prep workshops lamented that they wished they had known to read more in grades nine and ten. It became clear that students needed our assistance in helping them see the need for, and develop, exposure to a bigger world view.

Academic achievement, leadership abilities and interviewing skills are the basis for selection. We do not have a GPA requirement for 9th and 10th grade applicants, but we do look for a history of high academic standards or interests. 

Completing the Application
This application includes questions regarding: 
  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Contact Information for Parent/Guardian
  • Current/Future High School 
  • Grades
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Two (2) Short Response Questions 
You will also be required to submit a most recent report card/transcript in order to complete your application.
The entire application process should take no longer then 30 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions while completing the 9/10 Memphis Challenge application, please call Program Manager Avery Cunningham at 901-312-9621 or email her at
Application Deadline EXTENDED: July 28, 2017 at 11:59PM

The Memphis Challenge | 516 Tennessee Street | Memphis, TN 38103