Embarcadero Enhancement Project - Preferred Alignment Survey

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The Embarcadero Enhancement Project is an effort to re-envision The Embarcadero as a “Complete Street” with dedicated spaces for all modes of travel, including a new protected bikeway, creating a safer and more comfortable corridor for everyone. 

Building on previous outreach efforts, the project team has produced preliminary bikeway alignments for The Embarcadero Enhancement Project and wants to hear your feedback. While the bikeway is only one element of the project, choosing a bikeway alignment is the next step in developing a larger Complete Street design for The Embarcadero.

To familiarize yourself with the two alignment options, please see the information shared at the recent open house here

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the project managers:

Casey Hildreth

Patrick Golier

1. Please let us know your preferred Bikeway Alignment Option by checking one of the boxes below. Key topics considered by the project team and a summary of the various trade-offs for each alignment option are described in detail here
2. To provide additional feedback on how to improve The Embarcadero for all users, please give us your comments according to the key topics below.