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The role of emotion regulation, trauma age and frequency in predicting either positive or negative adaptation to trauma.

Briefing sheet

Hello, my name is Laura Carter. I am a third year Forensic Psychology student at the University of Central Lancashire and I am conducting a piece of research as part of my third year dissertation project. My project supervisor is Nicola Graham-Kevan. I am asking volunteers to take part in my research and would be very grateful if you could spend roughly 15 minutes of your time helping me with this. Ethical approval for this study has been obtained from the University of Central Lancashire Psychology department ethics board. 

The aim of my study is to see how people’s experiences of a traumatic event can affect individuals differently. By taking part in this research you will be asked to answer four online questionnaires which look at various aspects of emotion, personality and past and present experiences with trauma. You do not have to answer any questions should they make you feel uncomfortable, please leave these questions blank.

Please feel free to withdraw from taking part at any point during the questionnaire and all data will be discarded. However please note, once data has been submitted it cannot be retracted due to anonymity.

Should taking part in this study induce any distress to yourself during or after participation please feel free to contact the UCLan wellbeing services, or for non-students, the sane mental health line (details given at the end). All contact details for myself and other researchers will be provided in the follow up information sheet after completion alongside other sources of help.

Following the completion of the study, we will keep your anonymous answers to use for future research, including presentations and publications. This may include sharing these answers with others doing similar research, but only if we approve their request to access it; it will not be given out without this approval. You will not be identified from this and your answers will remain anonymous.

Having read this information, please answer the questions as accurately as you can and proceed to the next page to confirm your consent.

Thank you very much for your time!

By continuing I confirm that I have read the prior information and am happy to answer the following questions.