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Resilience Self-Assessment

Welcome to the CIPS Risk and Resilience Assessment Tool

This CIPS tool helps assess your organisation’s resilience profile and provides guidance on mitigating key areas of risk.  It will take about 15 minutes to answer all the questions. Upon completion you will be sent an email containing your report.

A note on terminology:

Throughout this assessment, when we talk about your supply chain or your supplier, think about all associated companies, including parts of your own organisation or group of companies.  

Don't restrict your thinking to Tier one suppliers, or those you spend the most money with - consider the impact of limited, or loss of, supply at any level of your supply chain.  Use the same considerations when assessing potential suppliers too.  

None of these questions are sector-specific, so please consider about how the advice can be applied to your circumstances.

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Data Protection Notice

CIPS will hold your contact details on its database. Your data will never be sold or released to a third party to use for their own purposes. CIPS will retain your data and will use it only to communicate with you on CIPS-related issues and to provide information that may be of use to you for the future, and in anonymous form to help improve products. Visit our website to view CIPS Code of Practice and the Full Privacy Statement or obtain a hard copy from a member of the Customer Services Team. CIPS commits that its policy and security statement on Data Protection applies equally to members and non-members.