RP Application 2017

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                                                                   Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation

The Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation offers a $2,000, non-renewable scholarship to Michigan high school graduating seniors. Winners are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, financial need, and dedication to the civil rights principles of Rosa L. Parks, whose historic stand against racial prejudice in 1955 brought her national recognition.  The Foundation was established in 1980 to provide equal-opportunity scholarships to Michigan high school seniors.

Scholarships to be applied to tuition, books and/or fees, for first year of college only (cannot be applied to room/board or other expenses).


1.   Graduate by August 2017.
2.   Have GPA of 2.5 or above.
3.   Describe financial need.
4.   Complete application form and essay.*
5.   Document community activities.
6.   Furnish official copies of high school transcript and ACT or SAT results.
8.   Furnish two letters of recommendation (at least one from a school representative; also suggest clergy,
      community and/or civic representative).

*Essay question is last item on application.  If you want to get a head start, here is the essay requirement: 
           Please write an essay of 200-300 words (include a heading/topic) on:  
           Segregation was the defining social issue when Rosa Parks took her historic stand.  Select a social issue that you think should be addressed today. 
           How will YOU use the principles of Rosa Parks to address it?


                                      DEADLINE  -   Wednesday, March 1, 2017    

Application link also available on our web site:         rosaparksscholarship.org



Applications are reviewed and evaluated in various categories/ areas - on a weighted average (points awarded in each category).  Failure to complete any portion of the application greatly reduces your chance of being awarded a scholarship.  For example, failure to list community service will lower overall points – possibly enough to eliminate you from competition.  Examples of categories are:    Application (complete)    -    Scholastic Achievement, SAT/ACT    -    Financial Need   -   Community Service    -    Support Letters    -    Academic Goals    -    Future Plans    -    Essay

Other Suggestions/Recommendations.

  • Have someone proofread your application and essay, so you make a good impression.
  • Make sure your cumulative grade point average appears on your transcripts
  • Send only material requested - do not include copies of awards, certificates, etc.

Results will be emailed to applicants.  Winners will be listed on web site (early-June).

IMPORTANT NOTE:     At anytime while completing this application, should you need to stop and  return to it later, be sure to select the option at the very top of the page that says "Save/Continue".  This will send your draft back to you in an email to work on later.   At this point you could ask another person to review/proof for you.  Once you "submit" the application to the Foundation, you cannot retrieve it. 

Warning:  DO NOT use the "arrow" in the upper left corner of your computer (next to browser) to backup or return to this page once you have moved to the application.  Use the "Back" button at the bottom of the application.  Also, do not close your application without doing the "Save/Continue".   Doing so will result in the loss of all data already entered.

If you have a concern/problem with the application itself (not about your personal data), you may contact us via email:   info@rosaparksscholarship.org