Help build a 10 year vision for culture in Nottingham

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About this survey
Between November 2016 and January 2017, your ideas and opinions can help inform the design of Nottingham’s 10-year Cultural Statement and Framework.

Please help us by completing this short survey to tell us about your identity, experience of art and culture in Nottingham, and your ideas for what you'd like to see happen over the next 10 years. Your responses will feed into the design of a 10-year Cultural Statement and Framework for Nottingham to support and empower the city’s ambitions to create jobs, to grow businesses, to bring funding and investment into the city and to encourage tourism. At the heart of these ambitions is a commitment to create opportunities for local people of all ages and from all areas of the city to engage with Nottingham’s culture and heritage.

This short survey takes under 10 minutes to complete. The bar across the bottom of the page lets you know how much you have completed.