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RAA Constituent Church Survey

1. I am familiar with Redlands Adventist Academy because I am: (mark all that apply)
2. I am a member of the following church: 
3. My child(ren) currently attend RAA.
4. My child(ren) have attended RAA in the past.
5. I have attended an RAA event (school fair, music program, open house, etc.).
6. I have seen RAA reach out to the community.
7. The staff at RAA is friendly and courteous.
AlwaysOftenSometimesNeverNot sure
8. Students receive an excellent academic education at RAA.
AlwaysOftenSometimesNeverNot Sure
9. I have visited the RAA campus in the past year.
10. The physical campus at RAA is attractive and inviting.
AlwaysOftenSometimesNeverNot Sure
11. Information is available to me on a regular basis at church about the school's activities, programs, or students.
12. I would recommend RAA to a friend or neighbor.
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