CRVFHP Request for Proposal Application - 2017

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RFP Overview
To complete the 2017 CRVFHP Request for Proposal, please answer all the questions in each Section accurately and to the best of your ability. The RFP must be completed in linear order (no skipping Sections/required questions; however, you will be able to use the 'Back' button at the bottom of each page to navigate back to an already completed Section if needed).

The RFP is broken out into the following 17 Sections:

Section 1: Organization and Funding Request
Section 2: Summary of Proposed Budget
Section 3: Target Service Area

Section 4: Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Population
Section 5: MSAW Needs and Barriers
Section 6: Organization Response
Section 7: Application for Primary Care Services Funding
Section 8: Application for Oral Health Care Services Funding
Section 9: Sliding Fee Discount Plan
Section 10: Application for Enabling/Outreach Services Funding
Section 11: Clinical Performance Measures
Section 12: Goal A: Access to Primary Care Services
Section 13: Goal B: Access to Oral Health Care Services
Section 14: Goal C: Access to Enabling/Outreach Services
Section 15: Outreach Schedule and Budget
Section 16: Additional Attachments & Signature
Section 17: Final Review

Many questions in each Section are required and you will not be able to save the current Section or continue on to the next Section until all required questions in the current Section are complete.

* Saving and Continuing: You MUST complete all required questions in a Section before saving or moving on to the next Section; so we strongly recommend you review each question in a Section to ensure you can complete it in its entirety during one seating before continuing. ​When you have completed a Section or a group of Sections, and plan to continue the rest of the RFP at a later date, you MUST hit the 'save and continue' bar at the top of your screen. If you do not hit the 'save and continue' bar before exiting, ALL YOUR PREVIOUSLY ENTERED RESPONSES WILL NOT BE SAVED! When you do hit 'save and continue' you will be prompted to enter an email address where a new unique link will be sent so that you can continue were you left off at a later date.

** CAUTION: Be careful not to lose this new URL link. If you misplace the new link, please contact the Administrative Assistant. DO NOT try to restart the survey or use an older link as it will override your previously completed work. 

Please be aware that some questions only allow numbers, or have a maximum/minimum word requirement. Also, please be sure to upload only required documents; upload instructions are listed under questions for further information. If you need to make changes to an attached document after submitting, please contact the CRVFHP Administrative Assistant for additional guidance.

For any questions regarding the RFP, or to report any bugs, please contact the MLCHC CRVFHP Administrative Assistant:

Savanna Gardner

Also, please refer the 'RFP Instructions' file (included in the announcement email) for additional background, guidelines, deadlines, process & deadlines, and a glossary of terms.