Insomnia Under 18's Form - i60

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Applicable to BYOC attendees only. 

The company Multiplay (UK) Limited is hosting a computer gaming festival known as a ‘LAN party’

including exhibition. Your son/daughter has requested to attend. 

All data will be stored securely and permanently deleted following the event. 

Event Location:

National Exhibition Centre


West Midlands 

B40 1NT 

Duty Managers:

Clare Royle

Dan Roberts


Transport to, and collection from the event is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian.


No responsibility for personal computer equipment, clothing and effects can be accepted by

Multiplay and Multiplay DOES NOT provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.


If son/daughter is bringing their own computer equipment, it is their own responsibility to make

sure it is secure. You should make your own arrangements for its insurance should you feel it is necessary.


Multiplay will not be providing food or drinks. You should ensure that your son/daughter has

sufficient funds to buy their own. Multiplay can only prevent your son/daughter consuming alcohol

when under their supervision. Any consumption of alcohol away from the event is outside our control.