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Survey for Immigrants to the United States of America

Dear fellow immigrant!

Thank you for participating in this survey. You are helping to create an online community to share experiences and to explore our new home country and culture.

My name is Anya Myers and I began living my American Dream almost 15 years ago when I married my awesome husband.
Today, I am inviting you to be a vital part in the first steps of this new online community for all immigrants and especially foreign-born spouses like me. You will find the members-only online community under - once it is up and running. I expect this to happen within the next 4-8 weeks. This community will be filled with valuable information to help you navigate your new life in the US, and you will be able to directly interact with other immigrants.

I am asking for your email address and your name in the last two survey questions - that way I can personally interact with you when the online community is ready for entry. If you are providing your email, I am also able to give you more information about what is going to happen in the community and what the content will be via some sneak peek blogs. I promise you the first peek through the keyhole and to be the first in line to receive the opportunity to join this special and unique new community.

Let's support each other and make our dreams a reality! Thank you for your time and openness - I am thrilled to stay in touch.

If you have questions about the community - or this survey - please contact me via email:

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5. When did you come to the United States of America?
6. What was the hardest for you as a Newcomer to the United States of America? *This question is required.
8. Are you interested in sharing your immigration story?
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