Oxfam Online Chat re Trainee Scheme

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Register your interest to take part in the online chat about our Campaigns, Policy & Influencing Trainee Scheme
Hi there, 

This survey is for prospective applicants to show their interest in taking part in an informal online chat about Oxfam's Campaigns, Policy & Influencing Trainee scheme; with current and past trainees, plus the Trainee Scheme manager.

Signing up is just to say you would like further details about the online chat (you are not committing yourself to anything!)

No questions are too big or small - so do sign up if there's anything you'd like to ask us. It could be about the application process itself, living in Oxford, what Oxfam actually does, or just anything you're not sure about.

Please be aware that all applications to our scheme are masked (which means we don't see anyone's names or personal details). So giving your e-mail address and having the chat with us will not be linked to your application.

We look forward to chatting with you... :0)