NAPO 2017 Founder's Award Nomination

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Please read all of the following information carefully before submitting the application. Applications are due by Monday, February 27, 2017; 5:00 PM EST. Please note that our submission software requires that the application be completed in one sitting. If you leave the page, you will be required to begin a new application. 


In the spirit of NAPO’s founders, The Founders’ Award is presented to a NAPO member, or a group of NAPO members acting in concert, for outstanding contributions to the organizing and productivity industry and for helping move the organizing and productivity profession forward. We admire and respect the recipient’s professionalism and achievements and are proud to say that she or he is a member of our association. The NAPO Awards & Recognition Committee reviews all submissions to ensure that nominees meet the eligibility requirements and criteria of this award. Any nominee found not to meet the eligibility requirements or not to align with the criteria as described below will be disqualified and will not appear on the ballot.


1. Nominees must have been a NAPO Professional Member for a minimum of three (3) years at the time of the nomination.

2. Nominees must have made an outstanding contribution(s) to the organizing and productivity industry.

3. Three (3) NAPO Professional members must supportively nominate each nominee. Members cannot self-nominate. Nominators must affirm that the member being nominated knows about the nomination AND has confirmed that the information in the nomination form is accurate. 
Please submit only one (1) nomination from the three nominees.

4. A nominee may not serve on the NAPO Awards & Recognition Committee at the time of the nomination.

5. A nominee who appeared on the previous year's ballot may not be nominated the next year; however, a nominee who was nominated but did not appear on the ballot may be nominated again.

6.  Nomination deadline is Monday, February 27, 2016, 5:00 P.M. EST.

  • All nominees are vetted by the Awards & Recognition Committee and the ballot is approved by the NAPO Board of Directors
  • Nominees who appear on the final ballot are required to attend NAPO2017 in Pittsburgh, PA; April 26 - 29, 2017. 
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