Converting Freebies Into Digital Product Sales

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Thanks for clicking! I'm exploring a new offer for Momstyle Your Business that would help you convert your freebies (or email opt-ins) to digital product sales.

This will be a live, online course delivered in webinar format. We'll cover how to design your entire opt-in and email follow-up process to generate digital product sales.

Here's a quick outline:
  • Mapping out your sales process - from new email subscriber to freebie to digital product sale.
  • How to optimize your freebie so it leads to sales. (Even if you already have a freebie, you'll learn how to tweak it to generate more sales.)
  • How to structure an automated sequence of emails to convert a new email subscriber into a buyer. (This is often called a "funnel". I prefer "nurture" sequence.) And how to leverage content you already have.)
  • How to evaluate and optimize your results, so you can tweak your sequence and maximize sales.