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Nomination Instructions

2017 Top Midmarket Vendor Executive Application Form

Each year, Midsize Enterprise Summit publishes in print and online its Top Midmarket Vendor Executives list, recognizing the industry’s most influential vendor executives who serve midmarket and midsize customers.

From the applicants, MES identifies the executives who have a clear focus on midmarket customers, and can demonstrate their commitment to serving this unique segment of the IT industry.   

To nominate a vendor executive for 2017, he/she must be involved in a sales or marketing leadership role with an IT vendor organization or a national solution provider.  We are looking for executives who focus on the midmarket customer segment defined as companies with 100 to 1,000 supported seats and/or those with sales of between $75 million and $1 billion.

In addition, the application must be filled out in its entirety, to be considered.  Nominees must occupy their positions within the IT industry as of press time to be eligible. 

The MES team will review each application in detail and select the winners, who will be touted in onsite at Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2017 (Sept 17-19th in San Antonio, TX), in the MES Newsletter and online via a CRN slideshow.  Only one executive per company will be included on the list.

Please use the application sample below as a guide when drafting your application.

Click here to download the full application.  All applications MUST be submitted electronically through this online application tool.  Email applications will not be accepted. There is no fee to apply.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

MES’ 2017 Top Midmarket Vendor Executive application does not need to be completed in one session. We have programmed the application to include a save button that appears at the top of the second page which will allow you to save your work as you go.  You will be asked to supply an email address and you will be sent a unique link that will enable you to return to the place that you left off within the application.

Questions? Please contact mzapata@thechannelcompany.com