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Quality of Life Survey

This survey is designed to help Wellbeing Initiative continue supporting our community through The Orchard as well as help us identify ways in which we can do more!

By participating in this survey YOU are taking an active role as an Orchard member to ensure the future success of the community you have helped us build.

Please Note:

  • Answer all questions as honestly as you feel you are able
  • If you do not want to respond to a question, simply don't! There is no reward or penalty for completing this survey in any way
  • This survey will help Wellbeing Initiative report results to our community, our partners, and our funders--thus allowing us to continue supporting each other as a community
  • This information will NOT be used to identify you. Your individual responses will NOT be shared with anyone. All responses given on this survey will be anonymously coded and analyzed so that only general statistics are reported.
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