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VolunteerMatch Subscription Request
Thank you for your interest in a VolunteerMatch (VM) Premium account! Thanks to a 3-year Laura Bush 21st Century  Librarian grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the Texas State Library and Archives Commission is offering up to 200 free VM Premium accounts, plus extensive training in best practices in volunteer management, to accredited public libraries around the state.

With a VolunteerMatch Premium account, you will receive enhanced benefits not available to free VolunteerMatch holders, including:
  • Training in using your Premium account
  • Access to a special library hub developed by VolunteerMatch (,
  • Zip-code based widgit that you can post on your website to direct potential volunteers to your postings,
  • Enhanced Listings
  • Advanced Posting Privileges
  • Management and Reporting Features
  • And More!
Your free Premium account will last the life of the grant and expires 10/31/19.

Please have the Library Director complete the following information and submit by January 27, 2017. (Future rounds of applications will be open each month.)
10. We have an existing VolunteerMatch account (this is transferable). *This question is required.