2017 Annual Survey of Museum-Goers

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Thank you!
Thank you for taking time to respond to this survey. Your answers, along with others, will help us deliver better services to you and our community.

Additionally, as part of a national survey of museum-goers, you are helping museums of all types across the country as well!

Our testers averaged 9 minutes on this survey; depending on your answers, it may take you more or less time. 
When answering the first few questions of this survey, please think of all of Monmouth County Historical Association's locations, including our museum and research library in Freehold and our five historic house museums – Allen House, Covenhoven House, Holmes-Hendrickson House, Marlpit Hall and Taylor-Butler House.

As Connecticut Landmarks preserves and shares historic house museums throughout the state, please feel free to think of any/all of those sites you have visited when answering the first several questions of this survey.

While the Ohio History Connection preserves and shares historic sites across the state, for the first several questions of this survey we would like you to think specifically about the Ohio History Center in Columbus. 

Note: The Michigan Science Center in Detroit, MI opened on December 26, 2012. Please focus on the Michigan Science Center, not the Detroit Science Center (which closed in 2011), when answering the first several questions of this survey.