2017 HEARTH FOTG Nominations

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2017 HEARTH Funding Opportunities Task Group (FOTG)
The HEARTH Funding Opportunities Task Group (FOTG) is responsible for the ranking process for all HUD CoC-funded programs (renewals, and if applicable, reallocated and bonus projects) in the 2017 HUD Continuum of Care Program Competition Application-Notification of Funding Availability (NOFA). The HEARTH FOTG members will meet monthly beginning in February for 2-hour trainings on the Chicago CoC priorities, program models, system performance measures, Plan 2.0 and the NOFA. When the NOFA is released in the summer, the HEARTH FOTG will develop recommendations on ranking priorities and policies, develop the ranking list, and determine if reallocation and/or bonus projects should be sought for funding, if applicable in the 2017 NOFA. The group’s decisions will be presented for approval to the CoC Board of Directors. The following members are needed to complete the task group membership:
  • One SPC alternate (must be non-HUD CoC Funded);
  • Three Key Stakeholder representatives from any of the following groups (cannot be receiving HUD funding): public agencies partnering closely with Plan 2.0 implementation; state agencies or major systems addressing physical or mental healthcare, jail/corrections, substance abuse treatment, child welfare or other systems essential for addressing homelessness; private funders; businesses; faith-based organizations; universities; etc.
  • One Key Stakeholder alternate representing one of the entities mentioned in the previous bullet point;
Before submitting a nomination please ensure that the individual is willing to serve on the task group, commit to monthly trainings and meetings, and is eligible per the description above. Nominations will be accepted up until Thursday February 23 at 5pm. Submitted nominations will be reviewed by the CoC’s Nominating Subcommittee and approved by the CoC’s Membership Committee. Elected members will be notified in late February. For any questions, please contact Dave Thomas at All Chicago at DThomas@allchicago.org.