New Project Workgroup Nominations

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2017 New Project Workgroup
At the December 21, 2016 Continuum of Care Board of Directors Meeting, the Board authorized the formation of the New Projects Workgroup (NPW). The NPW will be responsible for developing processes, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and/or Letters of Interest for funding opportunities identified by the Chicago Continuum of Care Board of Directors throughout 2017. In addition, the New Projects Workgroup will be responsible for receiving, reviewing, and scoring applications and make recommendations to the CoC Board of Directors for funding. The NPW will:
  • Develop the process and selection criteria, as well as recommend awards to organizations for the FY 2018 State Homeless Prevention Funds competition.
  • Develop the process and selection criteria, as well as recommend awards to organizations for the 2017 HUD Continuum of Care Program Competition Application-Notification of Funding Availability (NOFA) for reallocated and/or bonus projects, if applicable.
  • Develop processes, selection criteria, and make award recommendations for other funding opportunities identified by the CoC.

The NPW will meet monthly beginning in March. The following members are needed to complete the workgroup membership:
  • Two Service Providers Commission alternates
  • Four Other representatives from any of the following groups:
    • Key Stakeholders: public agencies partnering closely with Plan 2.0 implementation; state agencies or major systems addressing physical or mental healthcare, jail/corrections, substance abuse treatment, child welfare or other systems essential for addressing homelessness; private funders; businesses; faith-based organizations; universities; etc.
    • At-Large: persons who may or may not be part of an entity, but have knowledge, expertise, and dedication to ending homelessness. This includes persons with lived experience of homelessness. At-large seats may not be filled by individuals who are active members of the SPC or LEC.
Before submitting a nomination please ensure that the individual is willing to serve on the workgroup, commit to monthly meetings, and is eligible per the description above. Nominations will be accepted until Thursday February 23 at 5pm. Nominations will be submitted for review by the CoC’s Nominating Subcommittee and approved by the CoC’s Membership Committee. Elected members will be notified in early March. For any questions, please contact Amanda Borta at All Chicago at