Best practices Workshop Registration

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This year's Best Practice's Workshop will be held prior to the National Main Street Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Our two-day workshop will visit the communities of Ebensburg, Indiana, Somerset and Bedford and will also include a visit to the Flight 93 Memorial as well. Cost to attend the workshop is $100 per person. 
Workshop dates: April 28th and 29th
National Main Street Conference dates: May 1-3 (requires a separate registration)
1. Personal Information
2. Have you ever attended a Best Practices Workshop before?
4. Will you also be attending the National Main Street Conference, May 1st - 3rd?
5. Included in your registration is your very own t-shirt! They are designed with a loose fit in mind and always has a tie to the state that we are visiting. If you are attending the conference on May 1-3, we like to wear these shirts to the opening plenary. Shirts will be distributed on the morning of the 28th at our debriefing breakfast. **Please indicate a size below. 
Registration fee: $100. Registration is non-refundable and non-reimbursable. It can however, be transferred in certain situations. 

Checks can be made payable to: Wyoming Business Council and mailed to Attn: Ashley Cannon 214 W. 15th Street Cheyenne, WY 82001


You can pay over the phone with a credit card by contacting Ashley Cannon at 307.777.2845
6. Please indicate how you would like to pay, so we can keep track.