Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center Internship Application 2017-2018

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Due March 1, 2017 by 5:00 PM

Thank you for taking the time to apply to be an intern for the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at
the University of Virginia for the 2017-2018 academic year. The internship is an engaged scholarship program that links the classroom with the community through hands-on experiential education. The academic component of our program includes two mandatory courses titled Front Lines of Social Change Part I & II. Part I is a 3-credit course offered in the fall semester and Part II is a 1-credit course offered in the spring semester. The experiential component requires interns to commit to six hours of program related work per week with the Women’s Center under the supervision of their 
Program Director/Supervisor.
The Women's Center offers eight different internship programs. Below you will find a brief description of each of our programs. To learn more about our individual programs please access the following link: you are interested in applying to more than one of our internship programs, you must submit a separate application for each of the programs for which you would like to apply. Even though you are able to apply to more than one internship program, you will only be able to commit to one program.  
*Special Notice: Legal Clinic
The legal clinic internship program will have two positions available for the summer of 2017 (May-August). One or both of those positions may continue on for the academic year. On the final pages of the application there will be a question for you to indicate if you would like to be contacted to learn more about the summer opportunity.
All applicants are eligible for this position.
Resume Required
Please be prepared to upload your resume. Applications without resumes will be considered incomplete.

Director's Intern
- This Intern will work with the Director of the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center on developing event(s) for the Director’s Initiative, conducting research, and (if desired) creating special programming of her/his design. In Fall 2017, this will include work on the International Women’s Forum (October 2017). Preference will be given to a returning intern.
Body Positive - Helps to promote and instill a body positive community at UVA where everyone can take part in healthy relationships with food, exercise, and body image.
Gender Violence and Social Change (GVSC)-  Works to build a university community free of violence and abuse. GVSC collaborates with students, faculty, administrators, staff and organizations, as it believes that it will take an entire community to foster non-violent, healthy relationships across Grounds.
Iris Magazine - Iris interns are responsible for writing an array of content for this online magazine and for working with a student assistant editor who is a member of the Women’s Center staff to plan content throughout the academic year. Iris has been bringing high quality coverage to issues that are relevant to young women at UVA and beyond for over 35 years.
Legal Clinic - Offers professional, pro-bono legal advice to University staff, faculty and community members regarding such topics as landlord disputes and family law. Interns organize free monthly clinics for the Charlottesville and UVA community.
Social Media Marketing Team - Interns on this team maintain, grow and analyze the effectiveness of the Women’s Center’s social media presence. They curate relevant content from around Grounds, the Charlottesville area, and the Web, as well as implement social media campaigns for Women’s Center events and initiatives. Summer extensions of this academic year internship are possible. Interns who bring personal connections that can help the Women’s Center reach the full breadth of schools/groups at UVA are encouraged to apply.
Men's Leadership Project (MLP) - An innovative community-based leadership development and mentoring program designed to build and reinforce authentic and responsible leadership capacities of both undergraduate men and middle school boys. MLP accomplishes this mission by training and pairing a diverse group of undergraduate men with a select group of seventh grade boys.  Interns help organize and execute the logistics of the program. *Note:  MLP interns are not direct mentors to middle school students.
Women, Girls and Global Justice (WGGJ) -  Engages students committed to advancing gender justice locally and globally. This program's three main events include organizing the annual Beverly Cobble Rodriguez Lectureship; contributing to the Martin Luther King Jr. Women’s Hope Project with MACAA's Hope House in Charlottesville and organizing the International Women's Month Celebration events in March. Interns also partner with various organizations from year-to-year, who contribute to meaningful gender justice work around the globe
Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) -  An innovative mentoring program founded by the Women’s Center and the Curry School of Education in 1997. The YWLP program is designed to support and enhance the sense of competence, connection and autonomy of a diverse group of college women and middle school girls by promoting women’s and girls’ leadership abilities. A YWLP intern will work closely with the Mentoring Coordinator on tasks that include but are not limited to recruitment, curriculum preparation, and the 20th Anniversary Celebration logistics. Applicants selected for the internship position will need to be highly organized and solution-oriented. *Note: YWLP interns are not direct mentors to middle school girls.