ACPA's 74th Annual Meeting Evaluation

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Page 1 of 3: ACPA's 74th Annual Meeting Evaluation
Answer questions as they relate to you.  Your responses will be used to confer continuing education credit and for future planning of ACPA educational opportunities.  ACPA greatly values your opinion. 

Please note that the evaluation period has officially closed.  If you submit a new evaluation, please email to let us know.
Please select the evaluations you would like to complete (check all that apply):
6. Are you requesting Continuing Education Credits?
**In order to receive continuing education for a course you must first: register, pay, attend and evaluate the specific meeting component. For more details please see *This question is required.
Which type of Continuing Education would you like to receive?
*ASHA CEUs will be sent directly to ASHA.  If you would rather receive a continuing education certificate, please select CME (non-MD). *This question is required.
Where would you like to receive your Continuing Education Certificate? *This question is required.