Class Absence Request

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Please read the following information and agree below before proceeding to the Class Absence Request Form.

Baby&Me (I, II, III), Learn to Swim (Starfish, Seahorse, Dolphin, Seal, Stingray), and Adult Lessons (Beginner, Advanced) are eligible for absences and makeups.
Swim Team (I, II, III; Summer), High School Prep, and Olympic Development are NOT eligible for absences and makeups. Swim Team students who have valid makeups from Learn to Swim may schedule makeups in a Seal or Stingray class.

Makeups are offered for perpetual, regularly scheduled lessons. Makeups are NOT offered for Unlimited Swim classes or Makeups.

To receive a credit for a makeup, an absence must be reported prior to 9:00 AM the day of the class. You may report an absence through this request form, in person, or call us at (480) 961-SWIM (7946). Upon submission of this request form, you will receive an Automatic Reply email confirmation that your Class Absence request has been received. If you are reporting absences for multiple students in your family, please submit one request form per student.
A makeup is valid up to one calendar year from the date the associated class was missed. A student must be currently enrolled in order to schedule a makeup, no exceptions. A student cannot be booked into a class of a more advanced level. A makeup is scheduled based on class availability and may be booked up to 7 calendar days in advance. Once a makeup is scheduled, it cannot be changed, rescheduled, or cancelled. Makeups hold no cash value.