Progress Evaluation Request

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Please read the following information and agree below before proceeding to the Progress Evaluation Request Form.

Gold Medal Swim School is built on a unique foundation of Core Values: Safety, Air Regulation, Relaxation, Body Position, and Propulsion. This foundation is introduced in Baby&Me and extends through Learn to Swim, Swim Team, and Adult Lessons. Our curriculum, class structure, and Progress Evaluations reflect these Core Values.

When a student is ready to graduate to the next level, we inform the student's parent/guardian of the exciting news! If you would like to check on your student's progress throughout the year, you may submit a request for a Progress Evaluation. You may request a Progress Evaluation for your student once a quarter (three months).

You can submit a Progress Evaluation request through this form, in person, or call us at (480) 961-SWIM (7946). Upon submission of this request form, you will receive an Automatic Reply email confirmation that your Progress Evaluation request has been received. If you would like to request Progress Evaluations for multiple students in your family, please submit one request form per student.

Due to limited time during each lesson, we are only able to accommodate a certain number of Progress Evaluations during each class period. If we cannot accommodate your request the first week, we will complete it the following week.

Progress Evaluations are facilitated by the Floor Manager on Duty and are conducted while the student is swimming with their regular instructor during their perpetual lesson. We do not conduct Progress Evaluations during Makeups or Unlimited Swim Classes.