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Working with Contractors - Zoo Experiences

(DEADLINE EXTENDED: I am extending the deadline for the questionnaires to February 19, 2017. I will not be checking surveys after that date.  Please participate (and share) if you had not yet had the time.  Thank you.)

My name is Barbara Brem.  I am a registered Landscape Architect and an editor with ZooLex Zoo Design Organization.

     I am preparing a conference presentation about the experiences that designers, zoo staff and consultants had working with one another on the planning, design, and construction of new or renovated exhibits.  

     This questionnaire has been designed for zoo and aquarium professionals.

     If you are working with or have worked with a designer (architect, landscape architect, engineer, etc) that you feel would be willing to contribute their experiences, please have them e-mail me ( ) and I will forward them the appropriate survey link. The questionnaire for design team members is similar but worded slightly differently.  (Respondents are not tracked so I will not know "who" answered "what".)

     The questionnaires will aid in my better understanding positive and negative experiences from a variety of perspectives and will allow me to provide suggestions based on those experiences that may improve future exhibit design and construction projects. Neither questionnaire will not be used to “blame” any group for negative experiences but will allow me to see where weakness may lie and what improvements can be suggested.

     The information collected will remain confidential and will not be shared directly with anyone.  By completing this questionnaire, you consent that the information disclosed may be used for the preparation of the conference presentation. Your name, your firm or facility name, and project names are not requested or tracked.

     The questionnaire is a total of 16 questions, and should take you under 10 minutes to complete.

     For further information about the questionnaire, the presentation, or the conference, or would like to provide additional information, you can e-mail me at:  

     Thank you for your participation and for your honesty. 

For the purpose of this questionnaire, the following definitions apply:
  • Facility - any public or private entity that holds and cares for captive animals for the purpose of public display, public education, conservation, and / or recreation.  This includes facilities such zoological gardens, sanctuaries, aquaria, and other similar entities.
  • Consultant(s) - a person or team external to a facility that is contracted to provide expert advice: in this case, advice on the design and construction of animal exhibits.
  • Staff – any person employed by a zoo, sanctuary, or aquarium including keepers, and maintenance, horticulture, education, marketing, guest services personnel, etc.
1. Do you work for a facility that holds and cares for captive animals for the purpose of public display, public education, conservation, and / or recreation?
2. Where is your facility located?
3. In what department do you work?
4. What is your job description?
5. How many years of experience do you have (including zoo and related non-zoo experience)?
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