ABMS Conference 2017 Call for Sessions

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ABMS Conference 2017 presenters will accelerate the implementation of best practices in assessment and medical education, quality improvement, health policy initiatives and improving patient care through Board Certification. TOGETHER.

  1. Sessions may be of best practices, innovations, professional development, original research or encore (repeat) presentations of previously presented sessions designed to meet the needs of one or more ABMS target audiences.
  2. All sessions will be 60 minutes in length.
  3. Session descriptions are limited to 500 words (session titles, faculty names, credentials, affiliations, and learning objectives are not included in the word count).
  4. List names, credentials and affiliation of all proposed presenters. A maximum of three presenters will be allowed per session.
  5. All presenters (upon acceptance) must complete an ABMS disclosure form. 
  6. There is no limit to the number of sessions an individual may submit for consideration. 
  7. The presenter submitting the session is responsible for communicating ABMS educational presentation guidelines to the additional presenters.

If you have any questions about the submission form, please email callforsessions@abms.org