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TrustLaw Legal Health Check for NGOs and Social Enterprises

for NGOs and Social Enterprises

Every year, TrustLaw receives and reviews hundreds of legal questions from our NGO and social enterprise members around the world and connects these organisations to pro bono lawyers who provide free expert advice and assistance.

Drawing on our experience, TrustLaw has developed this Legal Health Check to assist NGOS and social enterprises identify some of their operational legal needs. While it includes the questions most frequently asked by our members, it is not a complete list of legal issues.

The questions are intended to be signposts to legal issues which may affect your organisation. Certain issues may not be relevant to, or important for, your organisation, particularly if your operations are small.
  • Legal matters take time to resolve. Think about what legal issues might come up in the year ahead.
  • Don’t wait for a problem or dispute to take action. Ensure that you are properly protected now.
  • TrustLaw can connect you to pro bono lawyers all over the world – we have made connections in 175 countries.
  • You can post up to 3 requests for legal advice and assistance on the TrustLaw platform at any one time.
  • There is no limit on the number of requests you can make overall.
This Legal Health Check will help you identify legal matters that are relevant to your organisation and issues that you might need help with. The document is divided into two main categories:
  • General Questions: designed to help you work out which legal topics are likely to be relevant to your organisation and are therefore worth considering in more detail.
  • Detailed Questions: designed to help you take a closer look at a legal topic and spot particular potential issues on which advice may be needed. 
Please get in touch with your legal advisors or TrustLaw to find out how you can address these legal issues and needs. If you have any queries relating to this Legal Health Check or would like to learn more about TrustLaw, please contact the TrustLaw team at

If you are an existing member of TrustLaw, you can log in to your TrustLaw account to submit a request for legal assistance.

Download a printable version of the full TrustLaw Legal Health Check.