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Stanford Study -- Web-based Classes and Progressive Forms of MS

Researchers at Stanford University, including a scientist who is also a member of iConquerMS, are writing a funding proposal for a study that could lead to less fatigue, pain and depression among people with MS.  Your answers to a few questions will help in the design of the study and the writing of the proposal.  We appreciate your help!

The purpose of the study is to compare three different approaches to improving symptoms of fatigue, pain and depression among patients with progressive MS.  Some studies have indicated that these approaches may be helpful.  These sessions can be scheduled at a person's convenience and each session need not be completed all in one sitting.
  • 8 sessions of an online class called "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"
  • 8 sessions of an online class called "Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction"
  • 6 sessions of an online class called "Chronic Disease Self-Management Program"
People with MS will be randomly assigned to receive one of the web-based classes for 8 weeks.  Participants will answer questions online at the beginning of the study, after six months, and after 12 months, and will receive a $20 gift card for each completed time point.

One-half of the participants would start the classes right away while the other half would start 6 months/one year later.
1. Which subtype best describes your MS?
2. Are you a registered member of iConquerMS™ (