Volunteer Survey - 2017 TWS Albuquerque

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2017 TWS Annual Conference Volunteer Survey
Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the TWS annual conference in Albuquerque! Please answer the questions below. Once you hit submit, you've completed the survey.  You won't receive a confirmation email upon completion, but don't worry! We did, in fact, receive your survey even if it was partially completed. We will be in contact with you before the conference to inform you of your volunteer activity.


Matt Gould and Andy Lawrence
Volunteer Subcommittee
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The following is a list of conference-related activities and their descriptions, which will require volunteers.

  • A/V Support
    • These volunteers stay in the room for the entire session and inform TWS office staff in the event a problem arises. Required tasks
  • Registration Desk
    • Registration desk volunteers primarily work the “pre-‐registered” line, and simply look up conference registrants by their last name, and hand them their registration envelope, lanyard, badge holder, and pre-ordered t-shirts.
  • Conference Office
    • These volunteers are on standby to help us out in the TWS conference office as needed, sometimes making copies, switching out signage, running things over to registration, checking up on session rooms and workshops.
  • Speaker Preview Room
    • These volunteers attend to the speaker preview room where presenters are allowed to make last minute reviews and revisions of the presentations. A/V technicians and support staff are also on hand to solve any technical issues.
  • Poster Session
    • These volunteers help presenters set up their posters, find their spot, and help with general troubleshooting issues. Shifts usually start at 7:45 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and will keep you busy until 9:30 am. 
  • Field Trip
    • Please be in contact with and receive instructions from First Last (Number).
  • Networking Event
    • These volunteers assist in greeting, ushering, and other duties as needed. For more information, contact
  • Resume Review
    • These volunteers will have ushering duties and facilitate the movement of the resume review lines Report to conference office 10min prior to their shift.
  • Photo Contest
    • Coordinating and collecting photos.
  • Quiz Bowl
    • Assist in the delivery the quiz bowl event. For more information, contact First Last email.

Thanks for completing the survey! Hit submit and your work here is done! Again, we will be in contact with you shortly before the conference with more information on your duties. 


Matt Gould and Andy Lawrence
Volunteer Committee
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