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Influenza Quiz

1. If you have the flu, how long are you contagious?
2. What causes seasonal influenza?
3. The influenza virus is constantly changing. What are the main mechanism(s) that cause these changes? Select all that apply.
4. Which other viruses present symptoms similar to influenza and circulate at the same time. Select all that apply:
5. In 2009, the H1N1 strain of influenza caused a global pandemic resulting in many serious illnesses and deaths.  What type of change in the influenza virus happened in 2009 that made the seasonal influenza vaccine ineffective?
6. Which antigenic type(s) of influenza virus can affect humans?
7. What is not a common symptom of an influenza viral infection?
8. According to the CDC, how should rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs) be confirmed to minimize false results?
9. When is the peak influenza season?
10. Which influenza type is named based on the subtypes of its surface antigens H (hemagglutinin) and N (neuramindase)?