2017 PSE of Toledo (Drivers) Survey

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2017 PSE of Toledo (Drivers) Survey
1. How many years have you worked in the Toledo School District?
2. The District pays me a fair wage for the work I do.
3. The District provides me with a fair benefit package (e.g., paid holidays, vacation, sick leave, etc.).
4. Wages and benefits are comparable to what other school districts provide their classified employees.
5. The District offers me insurance benefits at a reasonable cost for the coverage received.
6. All employees are equally and fairly provided training opportunities and education incentives.
7. The training provided by the district can be applied to my current job in a way that meaningfully impacts students.
8. My work environment is stressful​.
9. My supervisor/building principal encourages and supports me. 
10. The District appreciates me.
11. I feel “burned out” and I am thinking about leaving district employment.
12. I am willing to commute and work for another school district in order to be receive higher wages and better benefits​.
13. Name the one (1) issue that you feel is the most important for your team to focus on during negotiations.
15. The two (2) PSE chapters in the Toledo School District should merge into one PSE chapter. 
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