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2017 Low Income Ticket Application

We want everyone who wants to be at camp to be able to come to camp, regardless of their income. These tickets are reserved for campers on a limited income who cannot otherwise afford a full-priced ticket to Camp Grounded. These tickets are non-transferable and available for consideration through the application below.

  • Please fill out one application per person and per email address. These applications are not meant for couples or groups. You can reference other people in your application, but your application is just for YOU!
  • Everyone who applies for a discounted ticket should apply themselves. Do not submit an application on behalf of someone else unless they have a disability that prevents them from submitting it themselves.

  • 1. Contact Information:
    This question requires a valid email address.
    2. Gender *This question is required.
    3. What year(s) have you attended Camp Grounded? (Previous attendance is not required):
    6. What low-income ticket price would you need would you need to join us at camp? *This question is required.Limited tickets available. Please pick the most realistic ticket price within your budget.