Washington Reading Corps Request for Application, K–4, PY 2017–2018

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Washington Reading Corps Application
Important Information

For the 2017–2018 program year, member start dates are August 16, September 1, and September 16. Members cannot serve prior to the WSC approved start date.

For the 2017–2018 program year, the member placement fee is $4,000 per WRC AmeriCorps member. The member placement fee is due to WSC on or before September 30, 2017.

The member placement fee will not be refunded or prorated for any member who terminates service early. However, if a member terminates prior to serving 15% (255 hours) of their full-time, 10.5 month, 1,700-hour service term, there may be an opportunity to refill the position in January.

WRC’s Request for Application (RFA) is hosted through Survey Gizmo. Complete all fields. If a field is inapplicable, enter "n/a". To resize open-ended question fields, use the handles on the field's bottom right corner. There is a "save and continue" option to save responses and resume the application at a later time. Survey Gizmo will email you a link to the application. If you do not receive the email from Survey Gizmo, please check your spam folder or contact WRC. Applications must be submitted to WRC through Survey Gizmo. Due to an increase in funding through the grant, we are accepting new applications. These will be reviewed weekly and awards will be accordingly until all 225 positions are filled.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: For technical assistance, contact Kendra DeBow, WRC program lead, at 360-902-9624 or kdebow@esd.wa.gov.

For the 2017–2018 program year, WRC will award 225 AmeriCorps members to high-needs early learning centers, schools and community-based organizations, with an intent to continue option for the 2018–2019 and 2019–2020 program years.

Applications will be reviewed and scored on a weekly basis by a panel of WRC and by OSPI staff until all positions are filled. Applications will be scored on:
  • Need 
  • Member recruitment
  • Member training and professional development
  • Member support
  • Program design and implementation
  • Performance measures
  • Volunteer recruitment and management
  • Family engagement
  • Program sustainability
WRC may contact applicants for application discussion, clarification, or negotiation. Selection may be contingent on the applicant providing additional information or making revisions to the application. 

Awards will be announced as they are selected in weekly meetings.