Instructional Improvement Major Grants

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Program Guidelines
The Instructional Improvement Grant Program supports innovation, experimentation, and development of undergraduate curriculum and pedagogy. The goal of the program is to improve the quality of undergraduate education through pedagogical experimentation in areas such as student-centered learning, course design, diversity and inclusion in the classroom, and instructional technologies. The program especially values innovations that will have a lasting impact on undergraduate education.

Please note the following regarding funding:
  • Funds will not be provided for travel expenses.
  • Funds will not be provided for 1/9 summer salaries.
  • Funds will not be provided for supplies normally provided by the department, or that are basic to the course.
  • Course Replacement time is only provided at the Assistant Professor Step IV level. The requesting department should fund any needed salary above the replacement cost.
  • Remissions, benefits, and other costs associated with hiring will be the responsibility of the hiring department. These funds should not be included in the budget. Whenever funding is available, the IIP grant will allocate 19900 funds for GSR and TA salaries. 
  • Funds will not be provided for hardware or instructional equipment unless they are integrated with programmatic improvements and are exclusively used for instructional purposes. Costs may not exceed $6,000. Requests to equip laboratories or other forms of project implementation are not appropriate.
  • The copyright to any material, including, but not limited to, technology, software, games, video clips, etc. developed with these funds will reside with the Regents of the University of California.
  • If your project includes the taping of some or all members of a class, the standard UCLA permission form for being videotaped must be obtained by all participants.
  • Software licensing will be considered in the initial phase of an experiment but not as on-going cost.
  • Projects are funded for a maximum of three years pending annual re-application.
For more information, please refer to the Instructional Improvement Grants website or contact