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Music equipment

Music equipment bookings

Thank you for your interest in borrowing library equipment. Music equipment is provided so customers can create, collaborate, contribute to, and develop Wellington’s music community. 
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5. Which equipment would you like to borrow?
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Terms and conditions:

The terms and conditions to borrow this equipment are as follows. They are in place to ensure the safe use of the equipment and its timely return.
1.   To borrow music equipment your Library membership details must be up to date, please bring recent proof of address and personal ID to expedite this, as the booked loan period will not be extended if you are unable to issue.

2.   This is an expensive piece of equipment.  Please take care of it as you are responsible for damage, theft or loss while on loan to you.  If you notice any damage please cease use of the equipment and notify a library staff member immediately via
3.   Loans are limited to adults with current valid Library membership for 4 days or 7 days (The Deluge), no renewals, and no day of grace given on the loan period.  You will need to book to collect this equipment & return it directly to the same collection point to allow it to be checked in and removed from your account.  Do not return it to another desk or a different branch. The Issue period begins the day of pickup regardless of pickup time. An immediate pick-up time may not always be fulfilled, as staff time is needed to process these requests.

4.   Wellington City Libraries staff check the equipment between each customer use and before each issue. This requires that you return all equipment by 5.30 on last day of  issue to allow the equipment to be maintained and available for the next loan. Non-return of equipment after 4 days overdue will result in the full replacement  cost being charged in addition to the incurred overdue charges.

5.   Charges will apply for this equipment. Community Services Card, SuperGold Card, and Leisure Card discounts will not apply.  Overdue charges will also apply.  
  • Big PA Kit: $200 for 4 days/Overdue charge: $50 per day [NOTE: Discounted for Summer to $120!]
  • Small PA Kit: $50 for 4 days/Overdue charge: $50 per day
  • AudioBox Kit: $30 for 4 days/Overdue charge: $10 per day
  • Zoom Kit: $30 for 4 days/Overdue charge: $10 per day
  • Microphone Kit: $30 for 4 days/Overdue charge: $10 per day
  • The Deluge: $50 for 7 days/Overdue charge: $10 per day
  • The PreSonus: $50 for 4 days/Overdue charge: $10 per day
6.  We require that the equipment not be used to create a disturbance or engage in illegal or anti-social activities.  The Library is not responsible for content made or performed using the equipment. 

These terms and conditions are in addition to standard library membership conditions e.g. I undertake to return all items borrowed from the library by the due date… and to pay all rental fees, overdue charges, damages and replacement charges that are incurred.