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Website Satisfaction Survey

February Diplomate Survey

  • This month, we're asking you to reflect on your experiences with the ABO website.
  • This survey is NOT about MOC programs--it is about your ability to find, access, and complete program requirements using the website tools available to you.
  • Thank you for helping us improve your website experience!
The last time I logged into my ABO Status Page was: *This question is required.
Please rate how well the ABO website does or does not meet your expectations  in the following eight categories. Your comments will be used to help improve the user experience. *This question is required.
Space Cell Below expectationsMeets expectationsExceeds expectationsN/A
Website log in process
Information presented on the Status Page
Ability to manage/track MOC progress
Activity registration process
Access to online activities
Updating profile/contact information
Payment methods/options
Certificate ordering process
Features that would improve my experience with the website would include (please check all that apply):