KNSWB Litter Congress 2017 - Call for Papers

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Thank you for submitting an abstract for the 2017 KNSWB Litter Congress: Less Litter, Live Better.

Please answer all the questions below.

Submission abstract deadline: WEDNESDAY 29 MARCH 2017
If you have any questions please contact Cass Chester, or call 02 8594 4030
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Presentation to be submitted by WEDNESDAY 28 JUNE 2017
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15. Do you agree for a PDF version of your presentation to be available to delegates 2 days prior to Litter Congress?
16. Do you authorise photos and filming of your presentation at Litter Congress?
GREEN PAPER: A Green Paper will be produced for Litter Congress 2017, so we ask all speakers to submit a summary of their presentation (800-2000) words, covering all the salient points which will be collated into a Green Paper for all Congress attendees. The Green Paper will also be published on the KNSWB website and distributed electronically to KNSWB database. The summary should be sent through as a Word document accompanied with all relevant images, graphs or visuals. However, please do not simply send across your slide show. The Green Paper is due on WEDNESDAY 28 JUNE 2017.