2017 RVBusiness/Wells Fargo RV Dealer Survey

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Mon., Feb. 13, 2017

North American RV Dealers:

In an effort to gauge the pulse of industry retailers on a range of relevant topics, RVBusiness magazine and its survey partner, Wells Fargo CDF, are asking you to complete the latest “2017 RVB/Wells Fargo Dealer Survey.” The results should provide both a timely retrospective glance back at 2016 and a speculative preview of 2017. So, please consider pausing long enough to fill out this nonintrusive, nonscientific, 20-question poll, including an essay answer at the end. The requested deadline for turning in completed surveys is Monday, Feb. 27. Survey results will be released online and in the March/April issue of RVBusiness.
1. What is your role in the dealership?
2. Was your dealership profitable in 2016?
3. If so, how much did your store(s) grow in 2016?
4. In what departments did you post your strongest gains? Feel free to check more than one.
5. Among your top-selling new RVs last year (consider naming more than one) were:
6. What RV price categories generated the most sales?
7. Looking at the year ahead, what’s your outlook for 2017 vs. 2016 with regard to the general performance of your store(s)?
8. In what departments of your dealership are you looking to post the greatest gains in 2017? Feel free to check more than one.
9. Do Internet sales contribute significantly, percentage-wise, to your annual revenues?
10. Are you and your staff seeing an appreciable number of first-time buyers in the marketplace right now?
11. Do you plan to add locations, either organically or by acquisition, in the year ahead?
12. How has the availability of retail/wholesale financing compared to a year or two ago?
13. Do you anticipate an ownership change at your dealership in the next five years for any reasons?
14. Do you have a succession plan in place?
15. There are those in the industry who still talk about combining a couple of the RV arena’s key trade shows for the sake of expediency. Are you one of them?
16. How is the industry doing with respect to warranty and parts support in general in your view — a 5 rating being the best.
17. The RV arena’s chief trade associations and key corporate executives are exploring ideas for streamlining parts availability systems across the board. Do you, at least initially, support those efforts?
18. Do you anticipate that gas prices, which are expected to recover somewhat from recent lows, will have a significant impact in 2017?
19. What are the top challenges facing your firm – and the industry in general – in 2017? (Check several if they apply.)
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