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DEP - Florida Green Lodging Program Guest Survey

To ensure that facilities maintain designation standards, the Florida Green Lodging Program monitors feedback provided by guest comments and responses to the Florida Green Lodging survey.
1. Select One: *This question is required.
5. Does this lodging facility successfully communicate its environmental policies and initiatives to guests through newsletters, hotel TV, room placards, lobby signage, communications with staff or other means?
6. Does this lodging facility have a towel and/or linen reuse program?
7. If so and you elected to reuse your towels and/or sheets, were they left as requested?
7. Does this lodging facility offer a user-friendly recycling program for guests?
In other words, were well marked recycling bins easily found in guest rooms, public areas or vending areas?
8. Upon entering this facility or your guest room, did you notice any mold or mildew other than bathroom grout?
9. Did this lodging facility meet your expectations as a designated member of the Florida Green Lodging Program?