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2017 Vetrepreneur of the Year Survey

The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) is proud to launch the survey to find the 2017 Vetrepreneur® of the Year (VOY), a prestigious honor bestowed annually to one of the nation’s 3 million veteran business owners. To be eligible to receive the award, the nominee must be a U.S. military veteran business owner who actively runs the company. Vetrepreneur of the Year® candidates are strongly encouraged to nominate themselves or another veteran-owned business for the award.  The Vetrepreneur of the Year® demonstrates the finest attributes crucial in leading a flourishing business; sustained business growth and success; and an extensive aspiration to cultivate veteran entrepreneurship. There is no cost or obligation to apply. To become a member of NaVOBA, please visit our membership page at

Nominee Information

Military Service

15. Did the nominee receive an honorable discharge?
16. Is the nominee a service-disabled veteran?

Does this business meet any of the following diverse classifications?

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Has this business been certified by any of the following organizations?

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About the Company

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What is the legal structure of the company?

23. Please select the category in which the bulk of your customers fall:

Please list the percentage of revenue growth over the last two fiscal years: (e.g. 2015 28%, 2016 37%)

About the Nominee

27. Nominator