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PEO ACWA Feedback Form

Tell Us What You Think...

Thank you for offering feedback on the ACWA program. This form will take two minutes to complete. Your responses are appreciated, and will be used to guide our communication efforts as we move forward with stockpile destruction in Colorado and Kentucky.

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:

The activities of the ACWA program have increased my awareness and knowledge of chemical weapons destruction efforts. 
I am satisfied with the way the program is being conducted.  
Information provided regarding the program is accurate.
The ACWA program is committed to openness and sharing information with the public.
I am well aware of current developments and the progress of the program. 
The program's information materials are easy to understand.
The program's information materials are easily accessible.
Did you find everything you were looking for on the ACWA Website?
The public involvement process regarding chemical weapons destruction offers genuine opportunities for involvement.