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Show Us Your Transformation!

At IdealFit, we consider you all family. And as a family we always want to see you succeed. Whether that is reaching your weight loss goals, creating healthy habits, getting lean and strong, or increasing your confidence levels. 

And we are so THANKFUL that you have relied on the help of our products, challenges, and support to help you reach those goals. We love being able to come together, and get Fit Together! 

We would love to see your transformations, and to hear how we have been able to help you reach your goals.

So send the pictures and comments along, we are so excited to see your progress.* <3



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Tips for taking good before/after pics:

-Find a place in your home with good natural light to take your picture

-Have your full body or knees and up fill the frame of the photo

-wear a sports bra and shorts if you are comfortable in that
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