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Working Families Father Survey 2017

Working Families is the UK's work life balance charity. We published research in January 2017 which found that there is a risk of a 'fatherhood penalty' developing in the UK, meaning fathers downgrade their careers in order to balance work with family life. We're looking from views from fathers about how they are balancing work and care and what needs to change to make this easier.

We estimate this survey will take around 10 minutes to complete. Thanks for taking part.
1. How well do you feel your current working arrangements help you to fulfil childcare responsibilities?
2. Do you have the financial support you need to enable you to fulfil your caring responsibilities?
5. Do you (and your partner) know about shared parental leave?
6. Would you use shared parental leave?
7. What do you think your employer's attitude would be to fathers taking extended time off for childcare?
Very positivePositiveNeither positive nor negativeNegativeVery negative
9. Which part of the UK do you live in?
12. Your responses are anonymous. However, if you're happy for us to contact you to find out more about your experiences please fill in your contact details below.